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 Rapid deterioration of air quality and urban developments

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PostSubject: Rapid deterioration of air quality and urban developments   Sat Mar 19, 2011 1:38 pm

Air pollution takes place mainly through the pollutants such as carbon dioxide, fluorocarbons, nitrogen oxides, sulphur compounds etc that are present both in organic and inorganic chemical form in gaseous and liquid form.  Air pollution through natural sources includes volcanic and wind-blown dusts, vapor from plant leaves, rotten material, pollen etc. 
Gases from kitchen, automobiles, railways (mostly coal and diesel engines), and aircrafts, solid or particulate matter from industries, urban centers, and radioactive substances from nuclear plants all pollute the air.  Kerala State Pollution Control Board, located at Trivandrum has studied the air quality at prominent urban areas of the city and has identified the amount off sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and suspended particulate matter in the atmosphere.
The amount of sulphur dioxide was 15.4 microgram/cubic meter, while suspended particulate was highest in the month of December.  Nitrogen oxide was highest in the month of February, 22.0 microgram/cubic meter, while suspended particulate was 682 microgram/cubic meter in the month of May.  The month of January showed 24.6-microgram/cubic meter of sulphur dioxide and the month of June showed 32.5 microgram/cubic meter of the same compound.  Thus, there is a perceptible decrease in the air quality when the air pollution is increasing with each passing year.
In Kerala Real Estate values are on the higher side in the prominent urban areas, but if the air quality is poor, then the urban dwellers will have to shell out more to manage the health insurance and other health related costs.  This issue is rarely taken into consideration by people moving into the urban areas.  One major reason for the major exodus of people from the metros like Delhi is due to the poor air quality and the inability to cope with the poisonous fumes from the industries and vehicles.  If such a situation is to recur in Kerala, then there is a question mark on the real estate developments in the urban areas.
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Rapid deterioration of air quality and urban developments
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