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 Goodday peeps

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PostSubject: Goodday peeps   Goodday peeps Icon_minitimeTue May 22, 2007 4:55 pm

Thought id lighten up your day with a bit of humour lol!

A rabbit was hopping through the forest when he came upon a
giraffe rolling a joint.The rabbit said, "Giraffe don't do drugs. Come,
run with me through the
forest."The giraffe looked at the rabbit, then at
the joint. He dropped thejoint and ran off with the rabbit. They came
upon an elephant snorting cocaine. The rabbit said, "Elephant,don't do
drugs. Come, run with us through the forest." The elephantlooked at his
razor blade and mirror, tossed them away and began runningwith the
rabbit and giraffe. The three animals then came across a lion about to
shoot up. The rabbitsaid, "Lion, don't do drugs. Come, run with us
through the forest. " Thelion looked at the rabbit and then at the
needle. He put down the needleand started to beat up the
rabbit.Horrified, the giraffe and elephant asked, "Lion, why are you
doingthis? He was trying to help you." The lion answered, "This little
f***er? He makes me run around the
forest like a f***ing idiot every time
he's on TIK!"
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Goodday peeps
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