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PostSubject: True   True Icon_minitimeMon Jun 11, 2007 2:36 pm

This is a true story and so i thought i could share it with you... it happened to my pal.

This is me doing my bit for the greater good of the world (",)
I was recently diagnosed with this, it's very dangerous and the treatment is disgusting and makes me ill all the time so the saying prevention is better than cure has new meaning to me. Please spread awareness and posibly save lives by sharing this mail with all the girls u know.
I got it from using the contraceptive, a common misconception is that it is only caused when you smoke while using contraception (although it is a common cause), THIS IS NOT THE ONLY WAY TO GET IT so if you are on the pill (or any other means of contraception) pls do regular blood tests.
I had a cramp in my calve and I was sure I must have hurt it somehow without knowing or with my new pair of hooker heelz Smile It got worse and worse and eventually my leg was so sore I could barely walk but you guys know me, I forced myself to work and even drove to Safeyah's house when I was sent home so she could take me to the hospital to have it checked out... Lesson number 2: Mind over matter is not always such a great thing, use this wisely and always be concious of what is happening to your body all the time.
I was immediately admitted to hospital and am on a 6 month treatment which is so yuck and I had to quickly overcome my fear of needles (I do blood tests every 3 days now, can you guys believe I actually do it...and inject myself in my belly sometimes). My biggest clot (and I have so many in various deep veins) was at the top of my thigh / groin area and it just needed to move up a little bit more to my lung and I would have died immediately.
Once you have these clots everything becomes a mission, you can't walk too much (that is once you can actually walk again), I walked from claremont to newlands yesterday (a situation forced upon me) and today I am in agonising pain on top of the meds making me throw up all day. My hands go lame and my veins throb in my arms so badly that it sends pain through my whole body. I am not trying to freak you out, I just think ppl should know how hectic this is and women should be educated about it cos I never even knew I could get it from the pill or even that it was such a serious condition.
Okay, now make sure you tell all the women u know about this and I added some basic info at the bottom of this mail if you are interested.

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