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 Holiday Accomodation

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ibn Achmat

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PostSubject: The Voice is Credited: Diena met n Doekie   Holiday Accomodation Icon_minitimeWed Jul 11, 2007 5:09 pm

After being absent without leave from the forum due to technical problems I announce my presence.

So what is the hot (latest) gossip or issues being discussed by those in the know? Rumour has it that a new celebrity is in the process of replacing Dina for public attention. Indded, it seems Dina is almost a forgotten celeb. and being replaced.

The Voice and its derivatives are selling like hot-cakes because of the interest in the latest drama - "The devil's kiss removed the last Melody". Yes, Najwa, a relatively unknown, is today a household name. The drama associated with her has even resulted in us knowing that her brother is involved in bribing border patrol and of his alleged other illegal activities.

We are in for a long period of entertainment so I would like to her your views on this matter. The activities surrounding this matter presents fertile grounds for a successful film script. Just imagine the ingredients: From rags to riches in the case of the one family and how that unfolded; From singing in the klopse santa at six to becoming a celebrated musical writer and performer; the relationship between the Taliep girls; the public discourse around the murder especially the relationship between and the process of hiring contract killers; the role of the detectives and Najwa's mental make-up before and as the case progress; the boesem friend stealign her man.

Another issue I find problematic in the representation of this case is the drawing on Islamic symbols by most of the accused - the parda, the scarf, Musla (prayer mat); the cultivation of a beard, should I say a tabligie beard.

I am interested to hear your views lol!

ibn Achmat

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PostSubject: Re: Holiday Accomodation   Holiday Accomodation Icon_minitimeThu Jul 12, 2007 1:30 pm

It was quite funny seeing the lastest issue of the Voice this morning, The headline said "Dina met n Doekie". But the serious part is that females nowadays feel the need to get rid of ppl whom they find a threat. Although the motive is totally different each time, why did Najwa decide to kill Taliep? Greed? Revenge? Madness? Whatever the motive, its still not right. Females like them give females like us... normal, sane females a bad name.

Ek mean ma there are other ways to get rid of a person.. LEAVE them Smile

Everyone has their own version of the truth what is yours? I think she killed him for the money or policy Taliep had. Also the rumours are going that he wanted to leave her for hes ex-wife.

Also is killing someone worth spending the rest of your life in jail? I dont think so.

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PostSubject: Re: Holiday Accomodation   Holiday Accomodation Icon_minitimeThu Jul 12, 2007 2:06 pm

Shu! This is a heavy topic in a heavy climate, and I remind myself to not rush in where angels fear to tread, especially not while all the facts are actually still just speculation, given that the trial is some time off. Firstly, save a thought for one of Taliep's daughters who is a first year student at UWC. She admitted on tv one night that she's in for a tough and painful time during the unravelling of the details of this incident and its context before and during the up-coming trail.

Some thought provoking and important issues are highlighted by Ibn Achmat and some interesting questions are posed by Saskia and some answers posited... I guess for now we'll jol in the realm of speculation... it's all good!

Some basic initial considerations that arise for me, though, include:
- it remains despicable to kill (whether by villian or state)?
- hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?
- greed (for sex, money, power...) favours no gender, sex, race or creed?
- lipo suction is reserved for the rich and famous, and flabby?
- what grip and spin could the media put on the story to squeeze out some sensationalism and not miss a chance for mischief, given the various religious symbols in the equation,
- aren't we emotionally just so unhealthy and in denial, most if not all of us, in this post-apartheid madhouse built on negotiated foundations frought with structural inefficiencies...?
- we're a nation of gossipers and we do it very well?

No bail... 24HR observation... buckle up, it's gonna be a long bumpy ride...
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PostSubject: Re: Holiday Accomodation   Holiday Accomodation Icon_minitime

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Holiday Accomodation
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